From Limits to Unlimited

mother daughter sewing


I was always enchanted by the stories of my Momma.  Born in 1933 into poverty and the Depression Era.  The stories of resourcefulness amazed me.  They managed to find a use for just about anything.  Nothing went to waste.  

When I was little she would bring home scraps of thick, jewel toned, velvet upholstery fabric found on the factory floor.  These discarded bits would help us have a little extra.  She taught me how to iron at a very young age.  I would iron. She would cut and pin. Then the magical hum of the heavy black Singer sewing machine would fill our tiny home.  She would sew up these whimsical decorative throw pillows.  Each one different from the next.  By the end of a weekend we might have a hand full lined up along the back of our couch.  I remember feeling so proud.  And thinking we must have the most beautiful house in the world. 

And cook! Oh boy could she cook.  She could make a wonderful meal for the two of us with just about anything we had.  They were the best meals.  On a TV tray..watching the Carol Burnett show.

Her stories and my childhood are what taught me the power of gratitude, contentment and working hard.  Her resourcefulness gave me the power of creative thinking.  I find I'm at my most creative when supplies are limited.  When you cant just order from a big box or take another trip to the big craft supply store.  

When you have to make do make it a 

"Lovely Make Do Life"