About Me

Hi there!  I am Lisa Bystrak, owner and designer behind Rusty and Jewel.
Living life in charming Upstate New York with my husband, 2 kids, and fur babies.  
My jewelry designs and art have combined my passion for creating and my love of nostalgia.  Inspired by stories of our parents or grands about life during the Great Depression, their ingenuity and creative living.  I celebrate their achievements and have the deepest gratitude for their sacrifices.  Even growing up in the 60's 70's or 80's...all the good old days.  I celebrate our imagination and carefree childhood.
Turning the unappreciated often discarded fragments from our past into center stage meaningful pieces brings me such joy.  I find it exciting to see my vision come to life.  As I wore my jewelry I would notice curious looks and often a unexpected conversation.  People would light up with pleasant memories of their own.  
I'll share the mantra I live by and something I instilled in my kids...
Do NOT follow the crowd.
Dare to be Different.
I will also add, I believe what you wear should be a reflection of who YOU are.
I believe you make your home YOUR nest.
Sometimes this takes courage. I strive to inspire people to live authentically out of the box.
Be your most wonderful you.