About Me

I started as a "maker".  A fickle maker at that.  I wanted to do it all; sew, paint, solder, assemblage.  I am passionate about creating and repurposing.  Turning the unappreciated, discarded into center stage, meaningful pieces.  
I would find miscellaneous junk in a basement or at a flea and my head would explode with the possibilities these things hold.  I found it exciting to see my vision come to life and would get a thrill with the curious looks of my friends and family's faces as I wore it or hung it on a wall.
I do not follow the crowd. 
Trends end.
Dare to be different.
I believe what you wear should reflect who you are.
I believe you make your home YOUR nest.
Sometimes this takes courage and I strive to inspire people to think and live authentically out of the box.
Be your most wonderful you.